CTS Status

As of this date (June 22) CTS continues to closed.  Since March 16, there have been no onsite church services or onsite meetings of the numerous 12-step groups who meet at the church.  For several weeks our Execuitve Committee has discussed the most recent rules and regulations published by Los Angeles County regarding the reopening and subsequent operation of a church.  This week, the discussion will be expanded to include the entire Church Council, with the hope of setting a tentative date for reopening.  In doing this, the congregational leadership realizes that the current rules and regulations may change in either direction – either less or more restrictive – at any time, depending on circumstances beyond its control.

However, with the help of our Pastor, our musician, and many members of the congregation, CTS has been producing an audio version of a typical Sunday service at CTS (with the exception of the Eucharist).  Anyone is welcome to listen to it simply by clicking on the Worship tab on this website.  The service for a particular Sunday should be online by no later than Saturday afternoon.  We also make available the texts and hymn lyrics each week under the tab  Blog/For the Living of These Days on this website.

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