AMP March 27, 2014 Interview with Aiden Chisum

During the month of March, Sandi Holden and the young people from our CTS Altadena Music Project have been making visits to a local nursing home on Thursday nights. This evening I caught up with them. Listen to this interview with Aiden Chisum. He’s the one in the front row in the middle.


Lenten Bible Study Podcast for March 26, 2014

This week’s Bible study entitled “Teamwork Matters,” focused on Moses’ story in Exodus 18:17-25 and asked the question, “What do we need from each other to succeed and do our best work together at Christ the Shepherd.” Listen to a summary by clicking the podcast link below.


March 12, 2014 Bible Study Podcast Summary

By clicking on the audio podcast button below, you can listen to a summary of the discussion of our Bible study at church based on Paul’s vision of the man from Macedonia in Acts 16:6-10. The study is entitled, “What’s Standing in the Way?” Feel free to join the conversation by adding your comments to this blog post.


Podcast Series Introduction

Welcome to CTS – Continuing the Conversation, a weekly Lenten season blog with audio podcasts containing participant observations from each week’s Lenten series Bible study. The idea is to give you a chance to hear what other people are saying and to post your own comments and observations on this blog. For an introduction to the Lenten Bible study this this podcast series listen to the explanation provided right here!