Welcome to Worship
October 18, 2020

Thanks to Pastor Witte, Brian, Cheryl, and Valerie for providing the audio and to Brian for building the complete SoundCloud file.

  • Bill has sent out a worship bulletin with the liturgy and hymn texts for this week combined in one pdf file.

Service of the Word

Click on the SoundCloud box below to start or pause each part of the service.

  • Theme of the Day
  • Thanksgiving for Baptism
  • Gathering Hymn
  • Prayer of the Day
  • First Reading: Isaiah 45:1-7
  • Psalm: Psalm 96:1-9
  • Epistle: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
  • Gospel: Matthew 22:15-22
  • Sermon
  • Sermon Hymn
  • Apostle’s Creed
  • Prayers of Intercession
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Benediction
  • Sending Hymn